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What Is Permanent Makeup: Everything You Need to Know

Wish you could wake up every morning ready to face the world? Not everyone is confident in their makeup application skills or has the time to present themselves how they want. Make your morning routine easy with permanent makeup!

What exactly is permanent makeup? Cosmetic ink isn't new but it's quickly becoming one of 2022's top beauty trends. This popular makeup application benefits all kinds of people by saving them time, money, and helping them look their best.

Use this guide on permanent makeup information to learn what you need to know before booking your cosmetic ink appointment.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing. It creates a semi-permanent color to enhance the features of the face, just like regular makeup. Although cosmetic ink is similar to traditional tattooing, there are significant differences.

The face is delicate, especially the eye and mouth areas. Permanent makeup doesn't use a clunky tattooing gun as you'd find at your neighborhood tattoo parlor. The procedures use specialized tools designed for your face.

While a tattoo on your arm will last the rest of your life, cosmetic ink is semi-permanent and slowly fades. Most common applications require touch-ups to maintain their original intensity. They usually last between one to three years.

Permanent makeup enhances your natural beauty. It adds pigment to your eyebrows or lips. The application makes sparse eyebrows fuller and gives the illusion of plumped lips.

Cosmetic technicians at Arch Envy Academy are highly skilled. They undergo unique permanent makeup training. While pain levels are different for everyone, most clients experience little to no discomfort during their application.

How Safe is Permanent Makeup?

These procedures are overall very safe to get. Permanent makeup requires a 7-10 day healing process, where you are required to stay away from sun exposure, sweating, and avoiding water on the treated area. You will be able to cleanse the area, but other than cleansing you want to keep the area dry and cool.

The majority of people are great candidates for cosmetic ink. But, some medical conditions and medications may affect the results. There is a small chance of ink allergies to any type of tattooing, but are extremely rare in our experience.

All your concerns are addressed during your first consultation with your technician.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

While lots of us enjoy applying makeup every day, some people don't have the time or skills to wear the looks they would like to have. Some people have jobs that traditional makeup interferes with. Careers in fitness and healthcare, or working in the weather outside are some examples.

It's nice to go out for a hike or a swim and know you're looking your best. Permanent makeup allows people to enjoy having full eyebrows and blushed lips every day. You don't have to worry about it smudging, fading, or sweating off.

Cosmetic ink isn't only for lifestyle choices.

Many people have hair loss due to a medical condition or cancer treatments. Medications and natural aging also affect how our eyebrows and lips look. Permanent makeup realistically enhances them.

For people with mobility issues or shaky hands due to arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis permanent makeup is a great solution. People who have visibility impairments may also struggle with makeup application. Cosmetic ink solves this issue!

Many folks suffer from allergies in cosmetic products. This may prevent them from filling in their eyebrows or wearing lipstick. Permanent makeup provides an alternative to these traditional makeup techniques.

And, everyone saves money when they invest in permanent makeup. Traditional cosmetic products need replacing frequently. Either because you've used them up or they've expired. When you apply permanent makeup you only need to worry about 'replacing' your product during an in-frequent touch-up session!

Most Popular Kinds of Permanent Makeup

While many permanent makeup options exist, most technicians don't apply blush to the cheeks. Freckles and eyeliner are options for permanent makeup application. But, the most popular options are enhancing eyebrows and lips!

Eyebrow Enhancement

Most people have heard of microblading by now. This procedure is one way to apply permanent makeup to enhance the look of the eyebrows. Its popularity is due to it being a very soft and natural look and is best suited for normal to dry skin types.

Other options for permanent eyebrows include ombré powder brows and combination brows. Ombré brows are good for any skin type and replicate the look of an eyebrow pencil and powder application. This look is adaptable for your preferences, either bold or soft!

Combination brows use both the machine microblading and shading techniques. This look creates a full and defined eyebrow.

The eyebrow permanent makeup application requires two sessions because the results of the first session usually fade 30-50%. After the 6-12 week touch-up, you can maintain your beautiful eyebrows with yearly touch ups to refresh the color and shape.

Lip Blush

Lip blush is a permanent lip tint treatment that shapes and gives the appearance of fuller lips. Unlike traditional lipsticks, a permanent lip blush goes on sheer and looks natural. Wearing lipstick is still an option over your lip blush which makes it versatile if you want to change up your look.

The lip blush application requires two sessions because the results of the first session usually fade 30-50%. After the touch-up, your beautiful lip color will last up to two years.

Schedule Your Permanent Makeup Session

Now that you know why permanent makeup is making such an impact on the beauty scene, don't waste time struggling to draw your eyebrows and lips! Join the millions of people who have invested in putting their best face forward every day.

The permanent makeup artists at Arch Envy Academy are talented. So talented they have a beauty academy! Schedule your consultation session today!

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