Pick the brow method you desire

machine Microblading

This technique is best on normal to dry skin. It's a perfect option for clients who don't normally wear eyebrow makeup everyday. It's an extremely soft & natural look! Instead of using a manual tool to create scratches in the skin (traditional microblading), Arch Envy uses a single needle with a permanent makeup machine which causes less trauma. 

Combination Brows

Best for normal to dry skin types. This method is a combination of machine microblading & shading used to achieve a fuller, defined look. Strokes can be done throughout the entire brow with shading in sparse areas, or strokes can be created in just the front of the brow followed by shading, to create an ombre look. This method can last up to 8-12 months after the 6-12 week touch up ($150).

OmbrÉ Powder Brows

This technique is perfect for any skin type & replaces the look of your powder or pencil makeup. This look can be done very sharp or super soft and powdery. Can last 8 - 12 months after the 6-12 week touch up ($150). Clients with thick/oily skin may need a third session to get desired results! 

Touch Up Sessions

After your first session, results typically fade 30-50%. Most clients need a 6-12 week touch up session to perfect the shape & color. All touch up sessions are $150 unless you have waited too long and the work has faded & the shape has to be redone, in this case your touch up will be $250.00