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This Is Why You Should Get Your Microblading Certification ASAP

The beauty industry worldwide is currently worth an estimated $511 billion. That figure is only expected to grow in the coming year.

As a beauty professional, why wouldn't you jump on this opportunity?

It's difficult to choose which services to specialize in. Choosing the right services is the most important aspect of growing your business.

The data shows consumers are willing to invest in their own personal maintenance. Updating your skillset to current trends will help you stay relevant in the market. It also increases your profits and elevates your career.

Obtaining a microblading certification is a great addition to your professional skillset. It's a highly popular service and is worth the investment.

Keep reading to find out why offering Machine Microblading appointments is key in growing the relevancy of your business.

What Is Machine Microblading?

Machine Microblading is a technique best on normal to dry skin. It's the perfect option for clients who don't normally wear eyebrow makeup everyday. It's an extremely soft & natural look! Instead of using a manual tool to create scratches in the skin (traditional microblading), Arch Envy uses a single needle with a permanent makeup machine which causes less trauma. This method can last up to 6 - 24 months after the 6-12 week touch up.

These services have been on the rise since the late 90s and exploded in widespread popularity in the mid-2010s. Clients love machine microblading for its natural results and ease of maintenance.

Below are some of the key benefits of a microblading certification and how you can make it work for your business.

Increase in Bookings and Profits

As mentioned before, microblading specialists are in high demand. Microblading appointments have the potential to be filled quickly. More appointments mean more clients, which results in higher profits.

A microblading appointment can cost, on average, around $500. This price can increase depending on your experience as a technician and how specialized a particular appointment may be. Even microblading specialists who are just starting out can expect around $150 an hour depending on the location of the business.

Specialists see a major return on investment from a certificate in microblading because the service is so lucrative.

Retention of Clients

Although machine microblading is a method of tattooing, the finished result is semi-permanent. 18-24 months is the average time a machine microblading procedure will last depending on maintenance.

Clients' eyebrows will need touch-ups to stay looking natural and sharp. Machine Microblading results are specific to the specialist performing the procedure. This increases the chance a client will return to you for maintenance.

This means that one microblading appointment brings years of follow-up appointments from one client. It's more difficult for specialists to work over past microblading procedures from other technicians. This is why clients usually prefer to go to the same business that performed the original service for touch-ups.

The likelihood of client retention increases if you offer more customization options.

Marketability of Microblading to Clients

Your client list probably encompasses a wide range of personalities. Have a client who is always ready for exciting new services on the cutting edge of the beauty world? They'll be thrilled at the chance to try out semi-permanent tattooing for brow care.

Machine Microblading requires little to no daily maintenance compared to cosmetic brow products. It saves clients money, as they don't have to continue to buy various brow products.

There's also no recovery time, unlike some other cosmetic procedures. Peeling and healing is expected in the first week of having the procedure, but upkeep is minimal. All clients must do is avoid putting makeup on during the healing process, and they may have to apply a healing balm.

If a client is hesitant to book a microblading procedure, you can explain to them the many benefits of this service. This might ease their nerves and help outweigh any possible cons.

Professional Freedom

When you become a microblading certified professional, your career will open up to new opportunities for growth and travel. As you build your client base, you will have more people to refer business to and can start expanding your business through referrals. You also have the potential to take on other clients in addition to those who come from referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.

This is where the travel opportunities come into play! As a microblading certified professional with an established client base, it may be easier than before—and more fun—to pick up and go somewhere new after completing certification coursework. There are many places around the world where microblading has not yet been introduced or is still very limited in availability; this means that there will be less competition and more opportunity for you as a new practitioner looking for work overseas.

Ease of Getting a Microblading Certification

Another great part of microblading is the accessibility of microblading certifications. There are courses available to help beauty professionals become certified in this service.

Course options can be selected to fit your needs. Each course varies in cost and length of the program. You can achieve a microblading certification according to your budget and schedule.

Microblading certifications can encompass many styles and techniques. Learn how to microblade with a machine or how to create ombre powder brows. You can even specialize in combination brows, which combine both techniques.

Check out which course suits your professional needs to get a certification in microblading.

Get Your Own Microblading Certification

Microblading is an in-demand service that clients are seeking. Offering your clients microblading can increase your bookings and profits. It also helps set you apart from the competition.

Obtaining your microblading certification provides a significant return on investment while taking your business to the next level.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to start your journey to becoming microblade certified and start the next phase of your career in beauty.

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